Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July- A Home Grown Tradition

So our 4th of July family tradition is a lot like so many families across the country. Food, good friends, fun and some fireworks.

The difference is our fireworks are REALLY FIREWORKS! We do a 4th of July show for a local hotel every year and it is AWESOME!
here is the good farmer ready for a 4th of july bike ride.
How did this start you ask?  Well it all started with my dad who I lost on July 13th, 2001. Since I was a little girl my dad would take off and go do fireworks.  He was good childhood friends with boys who's dad started San Diego Fireworks and after helping them once in a while decided to get licensed as a pyrotechnician. So every year on the 4th we would all come together for a show.  Work, have lunch, work, have dinner, have an amazing show, work, go home and go to bed. We had great locations over the years, a national park that was super fun, the jetty at Marina Del Ray, the OB pier, and the last couple of years this hotel (formerly known as the four seasons).

When we lost my dad it was HORRIBLE! The closest person to me in life, loved by so many people, and needless to say with him being only 52 years old it left a huge void in a lot of lives. Andy decided he wanted to carry on the tradition. So he worked with some of the same guys my dad did and they all hopped on board right away to make sure Andy could get licensed and we wouldn't loose 'our' show. 

some of our hard working crew
Over the years some have retired or moved away, some new ones have come...but no matter what we spend our 4th with good friends and family. Lots of food, lots of fun, and the more people...the less work! It is awesome when people come for the first time, they always want to come back again and usually bring people with them. You know it is a good time when that happens. Plus you get a private show less that 50 yards away and no problems parking or traffic!!!

Every year we thank my dad for making sure we had a great show and we carry on the tradition of breaking down as fast as possible and getting on the road. There is nothing better than spending time with people who really want to be with you. And trust me, sometimes it is hot, sometimes there are just a couple handfuls of us so there is more work... so thank you to all of our friends who come support us and share our homegrown holiday!

Hope you have some great holiday traditions that will carry on through time!

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