Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obsessed with glass!

Are any of you out there obsessed with glass???? I am OBSESSED with glass!

I think glass should be what we use for everything all of the time. I have bought up tons of mason jars from craigslist. Had people pick up jars for me local to them and bring them the next time we see each other. Hit all of the local TJ MAXX stores to buy glass flip top bottles at a crazy low price. Bought a bottle capper  and home brew bottles so that I can bottle up my kombucha and kefir water in little bottles so that we can take them places with us a little more easily.

Not to mention the saving of pretty much every glass jar that comes into my home. Glass straws....not yet due to the fact we have a toddler. But I do have stainless and am in the process of eliminating all of his BPA free cups and going to switch over to small mason jars with lids that have an o ring in the top to hold my stainless straw.

So as you can tell, I have a LOT of glass.  But what all do I use it for???? No offense to all of the plastic lovers out there and all of the plastic co.'s out there...... but I REALLY don't like plastic.  Ever since my first 'party' I went to, paid a bunch of $ for a super great piece of whatever, heated something up in it and viola.... it had the food etched into the side and smelled of that food for what seemed like forever. Not to mention the new color it had! Back to it.... I use glass for everything! Fermenting foods and drinks, storing crackers, pretzels, pasta, popcorn, seeds, nuts, power balls, dried fruit, anything that has been opened, home made everything from yogurt to kefir, cut fruit, greens, herbs, roots, everything in my apothecary, oils, tinctures, frozen berries, frozen soup, frozen garden grown items, sauces, juice and that is all I can think of off the top of my head. Of course all of the things I put up from my garden to eat throughout the year are in glass as well.

Magic potions are kept in glass, my remineralizing fluoride free toothpaste is in glass, deodorant is in glass, home made fabric, home made laundry soap... glass.  You get the idea.

Glass is something that can be passed down through the generations, some of my favorite jars are the vintage ones. And things to the Kerr and Ball companies they keep their lid sizes the same! So you can always get new lids and rings. There is way less carbon footprint from glass. Remind me again what the decomposition time is for plastic....... Plus no toxic chemicals that leach out. You can have something gross and grosser in glass after a tad bit of soap and some hot water it is like new!!!! For sure that is not the case with plastic.

I hope you love glass too, and if you have never really thought about it try something that will give you a great experience with glass .  Like a frozen mason jar filled with your fav beer, or a  ice filled mason jar filled with a coke-coke always tastes better in glass-, or fill one up with your frozen blueberries and appreciate how easy it is to pour those puppies out. Give it a whirl and see what you think!

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