Thursday, July 18, 2013

How I feed my family of 5 on $100 a week

I imagine just like anyone reading this... I prefer to hang on to as much of my own money as possible! Sometimes the local grocery stores and markets are good at helping us, and sometimes they are not.

So here are a couple of the tricks I use.

First off I LOVE to order through my co-op Azure Standard. They delivery once a month, the products are high quality and you can pick from a HUGE selection. There is no sales tax and as long as you have a minimum order of $50 there is no shipping fee.  You just show up at your drop point at the designated time and everyone there helps unload the truck and you go home.  You can even have a check for the driver if you don't want to pay securely online. I mean really a check, how awesome is that?

Zaycon Foods is a cool way to get some great deals. Check them out here:  Lots of options, the things I am interested in from these guys are all fresh and never frozen.  That means you do have to get it ready for the freezer once it arrives, but you are all set for a good bit of time.

Next, I like to take advantage of Whole Foods one or three day sales.  They have all different things on these sales and you can get some great deals to stock up on. I did a mommy meet up tour of WF and learned about all the best ways to save there.  Bulk produce is a HUGE money saver. Their store brands are all GMO free and a ton of organic.

Another great savings is The Grocery Game. Here is a link and you can check it out AND try it for 4 weeks FREE! This still saves me money, but nothing like it used to.  Not the grocery games is my local stores and our eating choices. If you go a more traditional route you can probably do really well in the money saving are with this. If you decide to do a free trial, be sure to check ALL of the stores so you can see what is best in your area.

Check your city to see if there is a LDS Bishops Store House.  I bought in bulk, borrowed their canner and was able to get a boat load of dry goods ( oats, different types of beans, and wheat berries) for super inexpensive, plus got to can them in #10 cans to preserve them. AWESOME!!!!! Not to mention when I went in to check it all out and took pics of the bulk bags and googled them all when I came home, all of the growers are organic and most of them are part of the LDS church. I am not a member, so don't let that keep you from looking. You do not have to be a member to purchase their items or check out their canner, just have a valid ID.  Like I said AWESOME!

Next is garden! Growing your own food is amazing, plus you can trade out with others who do the same.

If you have any local international markets go in and check them out.  You will not believe some of the amazing deals. Sometimes their regular price is 60%-70% less than a traditional grocery store.

I am right about $100 a week on my grocery bill and that includes EVERYTHING to feed and clean everyone and everything in my house. That is 4 people and 1 dog.  Buying in bulk is awesome but it is even better to team up with your friends or neighbors so that everyone can get some and save. 

Check it all out, see what works for you.  Tell your friends!  Hey ..... we work hard for our money, let's try to keep more of it!

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